Skunkhare. Note the lack of stripes on her tail.

Skunkhare is the descendent of the pet skunk belonging to the Egyptian pharaoh Smenkhare. She wears a necklace, has flowing, black hair, and her deaths often involve pointy things, especially triangular-shaped pointy things, an inside joke on pyramids, or getting her organs ripped out, an inside joke on mummification.

Name Pronunciation


Starring Roles

1. Majestic Duty

2. Snow Way, Jose!

Featuring Roles

1. The Mighty Eight

Appearance Roles

1. Brick by Brick


1. Majestic Duty: Falls off a pyramid. (debatable)

2. Snow Way, Jose!: Nerves in her chin get spun around on a wheel until her brain comes out of her chin.

3. The Mighty Eight: Gets run over by Flippy while he drives the Mighty Eight.


  • Her creator was bored in school during social studies class, and she was created because he drew her on a piece of paper.
  • Skunkhare's page is the 99th on this wiki.
  • She's one of a few of Someguywithproblems' Fan Charactors whose names start with S.

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