Character Bio

Sky is a blue bear and loves nature. She has a crush on Flippy but she hides it. If she found out, she would be gone. Sky has a brother named Lava. He is a mean bear and loves to relax. Sky practically hates Flaky. She wishes she could kill her but she knows Flippy would be so sad so she doesn't. Sky wears a blue dress with white flower on it. She wears a yellow headband with a plastic ladybug on it.

She loves to make friends but it is really hard. It's all because of her evil form. Her evil form, Scarlet, comes out when she sees kids playing. It's because when she was little she was never allowed to play with kids. She tries really hard not to turn evil but it's too hard.

Mostly when Flippy turns evil, he kills everyone but her. She always gives him the sad face or cries, or he just turns back when he hears something. Usually Sky is very scared of Flippy but she realized that he has a problem just like her. Her house is very unusual, as it looks like a cloud and it's blue and white. She lives on the right side of Flippy's house. She doesn't bother Flippy as much as other animals in Happy Tree Ville do.

Sky has a friendship with Ziggles, and they both have alot of similarities. In common episodes, they are seen planting in gardens and having dinner at her house. Sky's relative is Lava, who always pushes her around. Sky is also seen often with Spike the werewolf.

Evil Form - Scarlet

Like Ziggles, Sky has an evil form as well. Named Scarlet, she always emerges when spotting kids playing and laughing. This is because, according to the creator, Scarlet was young and alive, but was never allowed to play with others. It is also mentioned in Zigz Part of the Ka-Pow! series.


  • Samantha is the only character who is helpful to her. She helps her so she can stop her evil form.