One of the many episodes from the HTF OC Series. Episode 8.



  • Shaky


  • Cuddles
  • Handy


As helicopters fly in the air, three Happy Tree Friends get picked to go parachuting. From a high distance, Cuddles and Handy are getting ready to jump out. Shaky stands there nervous, thinking something may go wrong. The helicopter suddenly moves, making Shaky fall off. Cuddles and Handy, in shock, jump down to try and save Shaky. As Cuddles shoots down, Shaky is miles below him. Cuddles extends his body, making him fall super fast. He falls a bit too fast, as he lands on Shaky's quills. Shaky screams in terror as she notices that there's a dead rabbit on her back. Handy, still falling, notices that he's almost near the ground. He goes to pull up his parachute, but due to his stubby little nubs, he fails to do so. Before death, Handy pulls off his famous frustrated look. Shaky pulls up her parachute and floats safely to the ground. However, before she takes one step, the helicopter lands on her.


  1. Cuddles lands on Shaky's back, getting all of her quills stuck in his stomach.
  2. Handy splatters against the floor as he fails to pull up his parachute.
  3. A helicopter lands on Shaky, crushing her.

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