Sleeping on the Job is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



In a forest, Superspeed, Trippy, Spite, Scratchy, and Robo Star are putting logs in a wood chipper. Superspeed and Robo Star walk away to search for more logs. A log gets stuck, so Scratchy uses his feet to push it in. However, Scratchy ends up getting shredded in there. His blood stains Spite and Trippy's eyes, causing them unable to see and they to fall into the wood chipper. Superspeed and Robo Star return, unaware of their other workers' death. Superspeed tells Robo Star to make sure the woodchipper won't malfunction and walks off to get more wood. Robo Star, however, showing his laziness, falls asleep. Eventually the woodchipper malfunctions and shoots out a jet of tree bark which kills Superspeed just when he comes back. Robo Star wakes up and, noticing Superspeed's corpse, tries to walk away as if nothing happened.


  • Scratchy, Spite, and Trippy were shredded in the wood chipper.
  • Superspeed was punctuated by multiple tree bark.

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