Name: Smiley Miley

Animal: Raccoon

Gender: Female

Fur: Light sky blue

Hair: Light reddish-brown hair with darker highlights

Face: Wears mime make-up and has smiley dimples

Weapon: Yo-yo (if she has nothing else, and if she has to use it for emergency)

Accessories: A red ribbon (around her neck)

Clothing: Orange short sleeve shirt; with a smiley face on it

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite drink: Fanta

Friends: Flaky, Sniffles, Cammy, Pippy, Dahlia, Jenny, BubbleGum (to a degree), etc.

Best friends: Flippy, Flaky, Jenny, Stranger (when he's not trying to kill her), and Handy

Personality: Cheerful, smiles a lot, nice, kind, easily scared, etc.

Bio: Smiley Miley is a very cheerful raccoon. She is in fact a mime, but she is a raccoon. She wears mime make-up and has permanent smiley dimples on the sides of her mouth. She doesn't have a crush yet. It is shown that she may have ADHD.

Disorders: ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), bulimia nervosa

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