Ant Family




The Ant family are doing their daily routine when a dark figure walks over to their home. It trips and the ant family grab tiny spears about to stab the figure. It apoligizes but the Ant family stab and kill it. When they peel off the skin, they realize it was just Superspeed dressed up as a anteater. They realize their mistake and hid his body.

The next day, another dark figure walks along and trips on the ant family's home. This time, the ants help him up and greet him, only to realize its actually Sniffles. He grabs them all and locks them up.

The ant family wake up to see they are chained up. No matter how they struggle, they cannot escape. Sniffles comes out. He has alot of tiny sharp tools. He grabs a syringe and proceeds to stab the brother ant in the eye. he shanks it out and tears out brother ant's brain killing him. He then pulls out a pocket knife and he decapitates both of the sister ant's legs and proceeds to SLOWLY decapitate her. The baby ant pleads for his life and asks why he is doing this. Sniffles responds

Sniffles: This is for all the torture you done to me! I just wanted to eat you. Fast and painless, yet you bulllies torture me in the most sadistic way ever. I LOST it the way you guys killed me in "Tongue In Cheek"! you will all pay the price!

Sniffels then uses his tongue and he slowly chokes the baby ant to death. He looks at the Mother ant, he smiles evily. He unchains her and grbas her so she can't escape. Unaware she has a sharp pin with her. She stabs Sniffle's hand and tries to escape. only for Sniffles to grab her again and this time pull out the shrap pin she was holding. He goes near a paper shredder and he puts the Mother Ant in it, slowly shred her apart. Sniffles opens the paper shredder and takes out Mother ant's remains and he gathers the other dead ants and eats them all


1.Superspeed was killed the Ant Family

2. Brother ant had his brain torn out

3. Sister ant was decapitated

4. Sniffles chokes the baby ant

5. Mother ant is shreded in a paper shredder


1. This is the only episdoe to date where Sniffles kills the ant family (besides "Blast from the Past" but that was a prehistoric ant)

  • This is also the only episode where the ant family killed someone other than Sniffles

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