Snowy makes a snowangel.

Snow More is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series. This episode introduces Snowy, the snow-loving animal who likes to have his friendship!



  1. Snowy
  2. Pop


  1. Petunia
  2. Flaky
  3. Handy
  4. Lumpy
  5. Cuddles


  1. Cub


Snowy walks outside in the snow with Pop and shakes hands with him, and suddenly flies onto the snow and makes a snowangel. Pop lets out a "Mmm-hmm." and walks back to his fire where he is cooking marshmallows.

The fire makes Pop sleepy, so he falls asleep. Snowy comes by and roasts marshmallows. As time goes by, the fire melts Snowy a bit due to his snow trait. Snowy starts to feel dehydrated.

Snowy sees that he is melting, and tries to eat more snow to make him more cold. When he is finally ready, the wind blows the fire to Snowy, whom is set on fire and melts to death.

Pop finally wakes up and sees this, and goes to find some help. At the BBQ Shop, Petunia, Flaky, and Lumpy are working there. After a long discussion with them about what happened, they don't believe him.

Pop runs to Handy and Cuddles, and he asks for help. Cuddles says that he is glad to help, but Handy growls because he won't be able to do his work without help. Cuddles goes anyway, and Handy tries jumping down to follow him, but splatters on the snow.

Cuddles and Pop see the melted Snowy, with Cub next to him, crying for his death. Snowy's organs and intestines have now splattered out and are melting. Pop stops the fire and runs to him.

Later, Snowy is seen in a grave. Snowy turns to a zombie and eats Cuddles, Pop, and Cub. He burps and says "excuse me", but Pop, who is about to die, stabs Snowy's head, and both die at the same time.


  1. Snowy is melted by the fire.
  2. Handy splatters on the snow.
  3. Snowy eats Cuddles, Pop, and Cub.
  4. Pop stabs Snowy.


  1. This is the only time Pop stars but Cub appears.
  2. The featuring roles are the same as in "A Bit of a Pickle".
  3. This is Snowy's first appearance and death.
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