Not to be confused with Snowy.

Gender: Female
Interest(s): Playing with dog toys
Species: Dog
Color: White
Relatives: Rip
Age: 12 Weeks
Size: Unknown
Friends/Allies: Torn

Rip Guddles

Enemies/Rivals: Unknown
Love Interest(s): Honey
Kill Count: 2
Deaths: 2-3 2 From regular episodes
1 (debatable) from Smoochies
First Appearance: Dog Darn It!
First Victim: Pierce Dog Darn It!
First Death: The Mole's Pet Smoochie (debatably)
or Frisbee Yourself

Snowie is a fan made character of Happy Tree Friends.

Charcter Bio

Snowie is a white dog who is owned by Rip when he first adopted her in Dog Darn It.

Snowie is cute and she can be taught a lot of tricks. She can be scared of Lumpy sometimes. She is also scared of thunder.

Snowie`s Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Dog Darn It!
  2. No Dogs Allowed
  3. Frisbee Yourself
  4. I Pet You Can Do This! Part 1
  5. Fetch Doggy!
  6. Calm Before the Storm
  7. Flying Disc

Featuring Roles

  1. The Mole's Pet Smoochie (debatably)
  2. Court Odour
  3. I Pet You Can Do This! Part 2
  4. The Real Origin of Oddity

Appearances Roles

  1. Sea You Later
  2. Lemonade Just Got Colder
  3. Doge
  4. Barking Up the Wrong Tree



  1. The Mole's Pet Smoochie: Stabbed by The Mole (debatable on if it was her or not).
  2. Frisbee Yourself: Crushed by a light.
  3. Calm Before the Storm - Smashed against a tree.

Kill count

  • Pierce - 1 (Dog Darn It!)
  • Hippy - 1 (Frisbee Yourself)



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