That's the worst ball. It doesn't take down much pins.

While bowling, The Beaver (somehow) manages to knock down nine pins leaving one pin standing which doesn't seem to satisfy her. She angrily walks away as Scales steps up for his turn. Scales has difficulty lifting his ball, so he lifts it by sucking it onto his nose. He spins around to put some force behind his throw, but unfortunately the weight of the bowling ball causes his head to fly off his body.

His head manages to knock all of the pins over, and his mouth/nose is hacked off by the pin clearer as it sends his head back down the ball return. Lumpy, unaware of what just happened, assumes that Scales' head is his bowling ball and sticks his fingers through Scales' eyes.

Lumpy begins slipping on Scales' blood and unknowingly spins around as he throws Scales' head away from the pins. Over at the snack bar, The Beaver irately sips on a soda through a straw. When she's out of soda she looks closely at the neck of the bottle, only to have Scales' head hit the back of her head.

The Beaver jerks back her head in anguish, as the bottle is now lodged in one of her eye sockets. Inside the bottle, The Beaver's eye rattles around. Her nubs try in vain to remove the bottle from her head, but all she can do is scream in pain.

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