Gutsy has destruction literally following his path.

Speak of the Daredevil is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends. This episode introduces Gutsy, the daredevil mountain goat who leaves destruction everywhere he goes.






At a snow resort, the tree friends indulge in frozen fun. A line of characters is seen snowboarding down a hill. As Snowy jumps down the hill, Gutsy prepares for his turn. He is disappointed, however, to find out that the hill was small. He leaves to find a higher place to jump.

After an hour of walking, Gutsy stops at the highest peak of the mountain. Excited, Gusty jumps down with his snowboard and slides down the slope, unaware of the avalanche warning sign. As Gusty boards down, he notices the avalanche heading toward him and decides to go faster, reaching a ski hill. Ava notices Gusty speeding by her and then notices the avalanche. In shock, she tries to ski faster, but is engulfed by the snow.

Meanwhile, Lessy is humming on a ski lift, when she sees the avalanche and screams. Some of the snow gets into Lessy's scar, bloating her head to the point where it becomes too heavy and drops off her body. Lessy's head rolls on the ground and turns into a giant snowball. Gusty sees the giant snowball coming to him and jumps on top of it.

Gutsy takes control of the snowball's movement and unknowingly rolls it to the sledding area. Buddy, Rocky, Lary and Mary are squashed by the snowball. Peppery rolls into a ball, and is saved by his armor. However, he gets stuck in the snowball and gets sliced several times by Gutsy's snowboard as it rolls.

The snowball suddenly hits the Cursed Idol, breaking it apart and sending Gutsy into the air. He cheers until crashing through the windows of the ski lodge, getting himself cut with some shards of glass. The avalanche enters through the window and kills just about everyone in the lodge. Moments later, Gutsy crawls out of the snow and makes V signs with his fingers, being the only survivor. Before the episode ends, however, his snowboard impales him through the head.


"Go with the Flow!"


  1. Ava is engulfed by the avalanche.
  2. Lessy is either suffocated by the snow or dies when her head falls off.
  3. Buddy, Rocky, Lary and Mary are splattered by the giant snowball.
  4. The front side of Peppery's body is sliced numerous times by Gutsy's snowboard.
  5. Snowy and Elliott (and debatably Cro-Marmot) die when the avalanche destroys the lodge.
  6. Gutsy is impaled by his snowboard.


  • This is Gutsy's debut appearance.
  • Gutsy is responsible for every death in this episode, including his own.
  • This is the second episode to focus on a ski resort, the first being All Work and No Belay.
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