Speak of the Tasmanian Devil is the second episode of Aussie Outback Friends. This episode introduces Tazzy, the tasmanian devil with an addiction to meat.
Tas devil

Can you guess who what is in his shopping bag?


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



Tazzy is shopping at the supermarket for something to eat. He pushes around a cart full of meat and then spots some Free Sample hot dogs. Elsewhere, Joey hops along putting food in his pouch.

Tazzy takes a bite out of the hot dogs, spitting out the horrible taste. He finds out that they were actually veggie dogs and snaps. He looks at Joey and grabs a butcher knife. Kuddly sees the horrible sight of Joey being eaten alive and runs away. However, at the next corner, Tazzy runs her over with a shopping cart.

Meanwhile, Hairy is seen stacking cans. Tazzy knocks on one can and causes the whole tower of cans to fall over. Hairy crawls out of the pile with a can impaled into his eye. Tazzy comes along and forcefully shoves Hairy's whole body into the can.

Later, Tazzy walks to the cashier with his grocery bag, filled with kangaroo, koala, and wombat meat. Platto obviously does not notice this and scans the foods. Though he can't do it since the meats don't have bar codes. Platto thinks his scanner may be broken and looks at it, blinding himself with the scanner's light. His scream causes Tazzy to flip out, and a bite sound is heard when the screen fades to black (indicating that he ate Platto).


"Don't fight with your food!"


  1. Joey is eaten alive.
  2. Kuddly is run over with a shopping cart.
  3. Hairy is squished into a tiny can.
  4. Platto is eaten by Tazzy offscreen.


  • This is Tazzy's debut appearance.
  • The title is a pun to the term "Speak of the devil".

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