Starting from HTFA 6, the playable characters can now use special powers as an additional attack (normally, the characters shoot orbs). Unlike the regular attack, some of the powers can be used as additional tools. Even though in HTFA 6 the characters will get the special powers after accessing a certain event, upcoming games' preview show them already having these powers.

Carrot Drill

Cuddles' special power. He can throw a piercing carrot at enemies. However, this power can also be used to break walls to access a secret area.

Cuddles' Carrot Drill. (HTFA 6 Beta)

Heart Blow

Giggles' special power. She gives a kiss, resulting a red heart blown at an enemy. It doesn't have any other special functions though.

Giggles' Heart Blow. (HTFA Deluxe Demo)

Water Shot

Toothy's special power. It involves him shooting a small blast of water to attack. The attack can even pass through walls as well.

Toothy's Water Shot. (HTFA Deluxe Demo)

Perfume Spray

Petunia's special power. It involves her spraying a strong scented gas from her perfume that can knock out multiple enemies. The attack can also pass through walls.

Petunia's Perfume Spray. (HTFA Deluxe Demo)

Roll Attack

Flaky's special power in HTFA 6. Flaky curls then rolls at high speed, knocking enemies on the way, much like Sonic's Spin Dash move.

Flaky's Roll Attack. (HTFA Deluxe Demo)


Nutty's special power. Nutty fires a piece of chocolate that freezes an opponent into a breakable block.

Nutty's Choco-Freeze. (HTFA Deluxe Demo)

Triple Twister

A special power that belongs to one of the hidden characters in HTFA 6. It involves him firing mini-twisters on three separate ways. Despite being useful, it actually spends a lot of ammo.

Neena also has this special power, as shown in the demo of HTFA Deluxe. Minttles used to have this power in the first beta release of HTFA 7 before Neena was finally added in the next update (possibly to avoid redundancy, as both powers involve firing projectiles in three directions).

Laser Gun

A special power that belongs to one of the hidden characters in HTFA 6. It involves him using a laser gun to attack. The laser can even pass through walls and hit multiple enemies. Also, it gives bigger damage than regular attacks.

Fire Ball

A special power that belongs to Tacho. It involves him firing a fire ball that can hit enemies.

Gun Shot


Flippy's Gun Shot. Note that there are only two orbs shot when he's on the ground. ("upcoming" HTFA Legends)

Flippy's special power. As seen in an upcoming spinoff preview, he uses a big gun to shoot small orbs into three separate ways.

Triple Shot

Another version of Gun Shot that involves firing three orbs, but unlike Gun Shot, these orbs are bigger and this power does not involve the use of a gun. Neena has this power in HTFA Land and HTFA 7.

Two-Way Shot

Minttles's special power that involves firing two orbs to two different directions (forward and backward).

High Jump

Flaky's special power in HTFA 7 onwards. With this ability, she can jump twice higher than normal jumps.

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