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Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 12
Starring Roles
Robo Star
Featuring Roles
Disco Bear
Mom and Baby
Previous Episode Not Yo' Cheese
Next Episode Remains of the Flippy Part 1

Spiked your computer is a fan-made HTF episode.


Superspeed in the beginning is shown IM'ing to Spook, Trippy, and Robo Star. 3 different IM boxes. Trippy tells Superspeed that he will spike his computer. What? Superspeed does not understand and sends a message with "?". Robo Star sends a message with a link to Superspeed. Superspeed clicks this...but at the same time Trippy sends the spike. The computer explodes and sends Superspeed flying back. This knocks Superspeed unconscious. Spook on his computer is quite confused as that Superspeed's name disappeared, as well as on the others. Trippy, being the one actually knowing, walks away whistling only to trip and stab himself on one of his spikes. Robo Star finally quits and basically leaves. Spook starts slamming his computer until his computer falls on him and is killed by the screen glass. Superspeed finally wakes up and goes to his remains of his computer. He starts crying when his house caught fire. Not realizing he can actually escape, he dies when his house burns down.

Later on, Lumpy has cleaned the area and tells everyone to back up. Rose, Baby, Cuddles, Giggles, Disco Bear, Britton, Spite, and Peppery are all getting closer to the fire. However, the flame starts up and catches everyone on fire, where they burn to death. Even later, Mom is shown wondering around looking for Baby.


  • Trippy impales himself on his spikes
  • Spook is killed by the glass in his computer
  • Superspeed dies in his house fire
  • Lumpy, Rose, Baby, Cuddles, Giggles, Disco Bear, Brittion, Spite, and Peppery all burn to death
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