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Splendid is The Town's superhero.

There is no knowing where or when Splendid was born. Rumors say that he was born on a hillside, where he mysteriously gained his super powers. He now spends his days saving people from the town but rarely, if ever, succeeds, as he unintentionally kills the people he rescues.



  • He has recently led the job of HTF Town superhero up to Splendont who left the town right away.
  • The character that he usually ends up rescuing is Giggles.
  • He has a girlfriend who is also a superhero named Deeka.
  • Splendid only died twice in the canon series. However, in the fanon series, he seems to die more often.

Fan-Considered Theme Songs

  • Hero by Skillet.
  • Kryptonite by Three Doors Down.
  • Any super hero-themed background music.
  • Hero by Papaya.
  • Superluv by Shane Dawson
  • Houdini by Foster The People
  • Superman (It's not Easy) by Five For Fighting


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