Splendid should work on his hero skills, because now they're out of hand!


Idle Animations

  1. Splendid hums his hero theme.
  2. Splendid knits.


Splendid hears screaming. He begins to hum his hero theme and flies, but bumps into the corner of the screen. Splendid lets out a "Huh?" and tries flying out multiple times, only for parts of his head to bump off and expose his brain.


Splendid hears a cry for help, but he's going to be the one in trouble!


A kryptonut falls down to Splendid. Splendid starts to puke a little and quickly puts on a radiation suit. For some reason, the kryptonut destroys the suit and Splendid pukes one more time and faints.


Splendid's probably thinking "Not again!".

Heat Vision

Splendid feels that it is chilly in the room. Splendid then uses heat vision to make the room more warm. Splendid gives out a "phew". Suddenly, smoke starts rising up. Splendid gets confused as the room is set on fire and Splendid's skin is burnt off.

Heat vision

Just by an air conditioner, it's safer!

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