Gender: Male
Interest(s): Superheroes, Merry-Go-Rounds
Species: Squirrel
Color: Sky Blue
Relatives: Splendid (father)
Splendy (brother)
Splendify (mother)
Age: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Friends/Allies: Splendid
Enemies/Rivals: Lifty & Shifty


Love Interest(s): Unknown
Kill Count: 2
Deaths: 6 all from regular episodes
First Appearance: Play, what's going on?
First Victim: Devious Never Spoke of It
First Death: Play, what's going on?

Spoke is a main character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Spoke is a light blue squirrel who is the son of Splendid. He usually likes Splendid so much he wishes he were a superhero himself. Spoke and Splendid usually like to help each other from dying, ex. Splendid saved Spoke from falling from a building once, Spoke saved Splendid from kryptonut and brought him to the hospital once.

Spoke also likes merry-go-rounds. Splendid once looked over Spoke on a merry-go-round to make sure he is safe.

Kenn Navarro says that Spoke's mother was divorced from Splendid, explaining why his mother is never seen in the series. This could also just be a gag. He also says that Spoke lost his tail in a sausaging accident, in which Splendid brought him to the hospital (revealed in Father Hero Figure).

Spoke, unlike other characters, is much more cautiously-handled by Splendid. He usually tries his best to be careful from killing Spoke, unlike his other rescues where he accidentally kills others.

Spoke wears a black hat all the time, in which hiding his ears. He also always wears a superhero mask, supporting his want to be a superhero like Splendid.






  1. Play, what's going on? - Flatlined along with many other characters.
  2. Treasure of Mold - Impaled by an ice cream cone.
  3. Wild West Side - Sucked into a tornado.
  4. I Need a New Brain - Possibly killed by his evil reflection in a trap (debatable).
  5. Need A Bath? - Run over by Flicky's car.
  6. First and Fort-Most - Frozen and melted.
  7. Ahoy, Me Mateys - Falls to his death. (debatable)
  8. Derpsie Daisy! - Impaled by scissors.

Kill count

  • Devious - 1 ("Never Spoke of It")
  • Jerky - 1 ("Hickory Spoked Sausages")


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