Hippy Driving
Never whistle while you drive!
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 10
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Disco Bear
Previous Episode Bones vs Brawns
Next Episode Torn and Rip's Revenge


Hippy is driving a car and goes to a bench.

Fuzzy goes up to Hippy and says hi. Fuzzy sits down and watches the stars when Lifty and Shifty come by and try to rob Hippy. Fuzzy slaps them, but Lifty and Shifty then try to rob him. Fuzzy then intentionally cuts their necks.

Flippy comes up and asks why he did that to them, but before Fuzzy could answer, Flippy flips-out, but Hippy splashes cold water on him, making him run away and yell.

Disco Bear and Toothy are on a "blind date", in which Disco Bear thinks Toothy is a girl. Disco Bear tries to dance with Toothy, but they end up spinning so much that they end up spinning over to Hippy and Fuzzy, where the four are killed. Lumpy comes up, says hi, and sees the mess. Lumpy then whistles and walks away.


  1. Lifty and Shifty's necks are cut.
  2. Disco Bear, Toothy, Hippy, and Fuzzy die when they are crashed.


A blurb video was released on April 9, 2012 containing these annotations:


This episode was the first episode to feature Fuzzy

Or was it Hippy?

Hippy must like ham sandwiches

Fuzzy hates theives.

Are they talking about Lifty & Shifty?

Or are they just talking randomly?

Most likely Lifty & Shifty

Because they appear in this episode

And finally a blurb Flippy appears in

Never whistle while you drive!

Wait a second

Hippy survived driving

So what did that sentence have to do with the episode?

What about the title?

Here's Fuzzy

Fuzzy looks just like Lifty & Shifty

Thieves first came into America in 1483

Or was it 1843?

The slap was invented the same year

Or was it 360 years ago?

Some thought Fuzzy was too much like Flippy

But Fuzzy only killed them because they tried to rob him

People who thought Fuzzy was like Flippy

Have bird-brains

And Flippy appears then?

Flippy was first introduced in 2000

Only because that's when the first internet season was in

He was introduced in the episode "Hide and Seek"

Water was invented in the year 1

If water wasen't invented until 1543

What you are watching wouldn't exist

Mainly because neither would you

A boy


A boy



Is Disco Bear a bird-brain?

Boys were invented in 1,000 BC

Maybe 10,000 BC

The dance move


was first invented in 1900

Just on that year

Being killed

or being extinct

was invented in 500,534 BC

Starting with a dinosaur

Whistling was invented in 1743

And so was episodes of TV shows

or any shows ending


It's over already?

Eh, who cares.

Where was the moral?


Isn't the blurb supposed to end BEFORE the screen goes black?

Well, we are stupid enough

Almost as stupid as Lum


  1. Lumpy's antlers change directions at the end once.


  1. This is the first appearance of Fuzzy.
  2. To make it comedic, at the end of the blurb, the rest of "Lumpy" isn't input, to end the video.
  3. There is no moral.
  4. This is the first time Hippy dies.
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