Starring Roles

  • Spook
  • Rose
  • Pop


The characters listed above are all at Pop and Cub's house. Cub is at some other place that is not important now. Superspeed decides that they want to make stories. Trippy raises and waves his hand around, where he is chosen to make a story. Trippy's story: Once upon a time there was a robo named Robo Star. He was so muffled that he died, THE END. Robo Star then punches Trippy in the arm. Rose goes next. "Once upon a time me and Superspeed got married THE END" Superspeed blushes. Pop goes next. "Once upon there was a baby bear named Cub, he was so cute that everyone died THE END" Everyone stared at Pop. Superspeed goes next. "Once upon a time the world spun backwords and everyone flew into space and died THE END" Everyone stared at Superspeed. It was Spook's turn but Rose quickly brought drinks to stop Spook's story. Suddenly a spark happened. The moon from Majora's Mask appeared right over Pop's house. The moon falls and crashes onto Pop's house and completely destroys the world. END


  • Superspeed, Trippy, Robo Star, Spook, Rose, Pop, and the others die when the moon crashes.

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