Starring Roles

  • Superspeed
  • Spook
  • Rose

Featuring Roles

  • Trippy
  • Mom and Baby
  • Cuddles
  • Giggles


Its a nice morning and Superspeed, Spook, and Rose are decorating the tree. Superspeed realizes that he forgot all the boxes with decorations and leaves to get them. Rose tries to put the star on, but drops it stabbing and killing Spook. Rose finds out that he is dead and doesn't want to take the star out his head. So she cuts his head off and impales it on the top. When Superspeed returns, he doesn't notice Spook's head on the star. Superspeed then sits next to the lit fireplace and turns the gas pump high. Which causes the fire to shoot out on Superspeed, causing him to run around setting everything on fire. Rose is now trapped in the fire and soon the house explodes, where Trippy and Mom and Baby are nearby. Trippy thinks its cool and stands and watches. Mom realizes this is bad and before she moves, Baby is crushed by a piece of the house. Trippy, still standing and watching, is impaled by random forks and knifes and smashed by the Christmas tree, pushing the forks and knifes deeper into him, killing him. Cuddles sees what happened and panics. He hurries to tell Giggles but is ran over by Lumpy. Soon, Giggles' house is smashed by the roof of Superspeed's house. Where Giggles comes out crawling but alive. Then she is soon trampled on by many GTF's trying to escape. Rose falls out of the sky and lands still intact. She is glad nothing bad happened to her, but Superspeed's hat lands on her, where it is still on fire, and burns to death.


  • Spook is impaled in the head by a star.
  • Superspeed burns to death.
  • Baby is crushed.
  • Trippy is impaled by forks and knives.
  • Cuddles is ran over by Lumpy.
  • Giggles is trampled on by Generic Tree Friends.
  • Rose burns to death.


  • Somehow Rose survived the explosion.
  • Mom and Lumpy survived this episode.
  • Superspeed did not notice Spook was missing.

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