Name: Superspeed
Gender: Male
Animal: ?
Color: Cyan
Relatives: Unknown
Episode Count: 86
TV Count: 0
TV Appearances: 3
Kill Count: 39+
Deaths: 77 (74) Regular

(3) Smoochies

First Appearance: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
First Victim: Rose The Coin
First Death: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Superspeed is an unknown animal. He is very stupid and caused what happened in Wake Up and Smell the Coffee and Cars and People don't mix. He is a fan of Black Spy from spy vs spy, note his shirt. He is a brony and watches MLP: FIM alot.

Superspeed isn't very lucky as seeing his friends die in front of him or being killed by Cub. He is on social HTF as Rocko. Superspeed passed all his classes because of lucky 1 point. His stupidity will be shown later. He also killed someone when he moved to HTF town. For his desc. on the Main Characters page, he is listed as the fastest/luckiest of the friends. He is best friends with Spook and Lumpy. Superspeed isn't very smart so he thinks Lumpy is smart. Spook is smart but never listens to him. He is also not good at baseball, as in The Small Game (not made by me}. His smoochie had to do with cleaning, which he is not good at. He is friends with Trippy and Robo Star. He is also in love with Fiora.

He dies in most of the episodes he appears in, but he survived Ice Cream, You Scream, your happy your ugly, Gimmy my Lunch Money, Slice Kringle, Pipe Finds, Strike!, That's Gonna Costume!, Snow Days Have Their Problems, and Hit the Ground Running. Most of his deaths involve explosions.


Starring Roles

  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
  2. Cars and People don't mix
  3. The Coin
  4. The Small Game
  5. Sleeping on The Job
  6. Superspeed smoochie
  7. Don't axe me a question!
  8. Warning
  9. Spiked your computer
  10. Rocket Science
  11. Jack and Thrill's Adventure
  12. Dopework
  13. Resurrect The Dead!
  14. Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode
  15. The Hoover Dam
  16. Graffing the Walls
  17. Pipe Finds
  18. Fight at the Museum
  19. Carnage Country
  20. Shy Squrriel
  21. Sleep Fighter
  22. Strike!
  23. Sick to the Plan
  24. Kicked Your Glass
  25. Trippin' Class
  26. Unknowns Anonymous
  27. Friendship is No More
  28. RayBow Speed
  29. Make no Connection
  30. Duel of Dustbowl
  31. Shock Box
  32. Zombie Out
  33. Show You the Ropes
  34. Count to Tree
  35. The Fish
  36. Clips Away!
  37. Ride it Out
  38. Maypole to Pole
  39. A Smile Is Always Tree

Featuring Roles

  1. Ice Cream, You Scream
  2. Your Happy Your Ugly
  3. I have a boney feeling
  4. A History Be Known
  5. We are the Camp-ions
  6. The Right Side Of The Tracks
  7. I don't have any spare time
  8. Wild West Side
  9. One Last Crusade
  10. Bombs in town
  11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar
  12. Better Early Than Ever
  13. Theaters...
  14. Puffing Paint
  15. Have You Any Wool?
  16. Driving Problems
  17. Goat With the Flow
  18. Olympic Shames
  19. The Big Save
  20. Disguise-ful
  21. That's Gonna Costume!
  22. Gone Viral
  23. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  24. Scrappyland
  25. What the Puck?
  26. Get Eggy With It
  27. Flesh Air
  28. Male Bonding
  29. Zit Scream
  30. Joining the Trio
  31. Are ya Thirsty Pardner?
  32. Blind as a Bat
  33. Remembering Trippy
  34. An Uplifting Story
  35. Slushie the Snowman
  36. RayDay (Birthday Episode)
  37. Nutso Loco
  38. Press Paws
  39. Road Trippy
  40. Club Rules
  41. Sweeps This Mess Up


  1. The Night of the Dolphin
  2. Gimme my Lunch Money
  3. Fright-day
  4. Battle of the Boneheads
  5. Catch That Bus
  6. Crouching Gecko, Hidden Doofus
  7. The Big Three Oh!
  8. Some Hate it Hot
  9. Summer Bummer
  10. MaRiO's HaLlOwEeN
  11. Sweet Tooth Decay
  12. The Last Invention of Tarsy
  13. Old or New (Part 1)
  14. Hit the Ground Running
  15. Tail-Tired!
  16. Birthday Party Freak
  17. Smells Puffy in Here
  18. Don't Try This at Home
  19. MoneyBat


  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: He falls off a cliff and is sliced is by a helicopter
  2. Cars and People don't mix: Crushed by a block
  3. The Small Game: chest piecred by a baseball
  4. Sleeping on the job: punctuated by multiple tree bark
  5. Smoochie 1: Impladed on a rake
  6. Smoochie 2: flesh torn off by blower, leaving his skull
  7. Smoochie 3: Dies when the leave sucker sucks him in
  8. Dont axe me a question: head sliced by an axe
  9. Warning: Crushed by Lumpy's RV
  10. Spiked Your Computer: Killed in an explosion
  11. The Night of the Dolphin: Killed by an octopus
  12. Jack and Thrill's adventure: splatters on the Effil Tower
  13. I have a boney feeling: Killed by Ale when she uses Sir Gron's arm bone to hit him.
  14. A History be Known: Crushed by a painting with Trippy
  15. Dopework: Mauled by a bear
  16. Resurrect the dead: Killed by Shelby before the episode
  17. We are the camp-ions: Shot to death when mistakened to be a creature
  18. Autopsy Turvy: Replaces his heart with the motor engine, coughs up oil and dies
  19. The Right Side Of The Tracks: Crushed by lots of bags
  20. I don't have any spare time: Dies in a explosian
  21. Wild West Side: Shot by Howdy
  22. One Last Crusade: Dies in a explosion
  23. Bombs in town: Dies in a explosion (again)
  24. Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar: Dies in the star crash (debatable)
  25. Graffing the walls: Killed by Ale
  26. Better Early Than Ever: Sliced by paper.
  27. Theaters...:Dies when falling into the popcorn maker
  28. Puffing Paint: Grunts hacks him up with a chainsaw
  29. Fight at the Museum: Crushed by Dinosaur bones along with Trippy
  30. Have you any Wool?: Face shredded by a razor
  31. Driving Problems: Crashes into a wall which kills him
  32. Carnage Country: Run over by Mime's unicycle.
  33. Shy Squrriel: Ran over by a four wheeler
  34. Goat with the Flow: Crazy smashes his head on a ice cream truck
  35. Sleep Fighter - Beaten and splattered by Elliott.
  36. Fright-day - Impaled by Flaky.
  37. Sick to the Plan - Drowned by water balloon.
  38. Olympic Shames - Splatters into hurdle.
  39. The Big Save - Drowns in the sea.
  40. Kicked Your Glass: Killed by Splendont when he bashes Superspeed into a window.
  41. Battle of the Boneheads: Crushed by Bjorn.
  42. Disguise-ful - Ran over.
  43. Trippin' Class: Dies in a lunchroom explosion with Fiora.
  44. Lights, Camera, Cut! - Sliced by Russell.
  45. Crouching Gecko, Hidden Doofus - Sliced by ninja stars.
  46. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  47. Gone Viral - Vaporised by Luna
  48. Unknowns Anonymous - Impaled by Pointy's beak.
  49. Scrappyland - Crushed by falling car.
  50. What the Puck? - Hit by hockey puck.
  51. Get Eggy With It - Caught in bear trap.
  52. Some Hate it Hot - Breaks his jaw.
  53. Friendship is No More- Is Possibly Killed By 20's Robo Star.
  54. RayBow Speed: Falls To His Death
  55. Make no Connection: Sliced Up By CDS.
  56. Male Bonding: Falls off cliff.
  57. Dust of Dustbowl: Gunned Down By Fatty.
  58. Shock Box: Is Impladed On A Spike And Burns To Death.
  59. Zit Scream: Smashed by door.
  60. Zombie Out: Head smashed by an axe.
  61. Joining the Trio: Crushed by an ice berg with Trippy, Robo Star, and Hippy
  62. Are ya Thristy Pardner: Killed by Ale in an unknown way.
  63. Sweet Tooth Decay: Killed by Radioactive Goop, then revived as a zombie, then is eventually sucked into a vacuum.
  64. Blind as a Bat: Smashed by a police car (The Mole)
  65. The Last Invention of Tarsy: Trippy crashes into him.
  66. Stone Cold Nuts: Crushed by Pockets.
  67. Old or New (Part 1): Smacked by croquet ball.
  68. An Uplifting Story: Decapitcated by barbel.
  69. Show you the ropes: Dies of blood loss
  70. Count to Tree: Killed in an explosian
  71. The Fish: Veins ripped out by Rip
  72. Zombies are coming: Dragged away and eaten
  73. Clips away: (Debateable) Killed by Ale.
  74. Ride it Out: Slams against a half pipe
  75. Nutso Loco: He and Trippy are clubbed to death.
  76. Don't Try This at Home: Smashes into tree.
  77. Road Trippy: Torso smashed by a cactus.
  78. Club Rules: Baseball smashes through his face.
  79. Maypole to Pole- Killed in an explosion.
  80. A Smile Is Always Tree - Ran over by a tree.
  81. Sweeps This Mess Up - Explodes from being inflated.


  • It is unknown what species Superspeed is.
  • He is one of the few to be killed by Cub. Other being Lumpy
  • Superspeed here is based on RayTube's very first character, Superspeed (who looks the same for minor details).
  • He is often mistaking as a hedgehog, but that's his hair, as he watching Sonic.
  • He is gonna be the black spy for Halloween.
  • Spook is his best friend, but Spook dies before they can do anything.
  • Its gonna be very rare for Cub to kill Superspeed, since he's not gonna be appearing much anymore.
  • He is exposed to everyone which is quite embarassing
  • He Survvial Rate is 26%.
  • His smoochie had him cleaning a yard, where he used a rake, a blower, and a leave sucker, which is what RayTube uses to clean his yard (which sucks).
  • Superspeed is the last one to die in Season 1
  • In fan version episodes, he takes place of Toothy.
  • He is in Happy Tree Fanon Island as The Idiot, which causes him to get voted off twice along with Lumpy.


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