Starring roles


Superspeed is on the computer playing Minecraft with Trippy. They are first playing on the crazily easy difficulty ("Peaceful") but decided it was too easy. When Superspeed clicks on the Hardcore mode, a sudden flash fills the room. When Superspeed gets his vision back, he is in a blocky-looking area. Next to him is Trippy. Trippy notices where they are and instantly panics. Superspeed calms him down and tells him that they will get out. However, back in the real world, Robo Star comes in Superspeed's house after constantly knocking on the door. He sees Minecraft in. Due to the way Superspeed and Trippy appear (the Steve guy with their appearance), Robo Star believes Superspeed to still be playing. Robo Star unplugs Superspeed's computer and takes it and smashes it, then takes a gun and randomly shoots it up. Superspeed tells Trippy that he will dig underneath the ground in order to find a portal back. Trippy waits untill it becomes night and Creepers and others show up. He runs away and trips into the water. He tries to stay up and swims back. However, a Creeper randomly appears out of nowhere and explodes, killing Trippy. Superspeed is still digging when he suddenly falls into the void and is killed by the fact the void kills you as you fall. Robo Star goes to Trippy's house and trashes his computer. This leads to Superspeed and Trippy stuck in their deaths.


  • Trippy is blown up and killed by a Creeper.
  • Superspeed falls into the void.

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