This Smoochie is also known as Superspeed's Cleaning Smoochie.


Smoochie 1

Superspeed is standing around in a messy yard. He takes a rake and starts raking. After a bit, he finishes. He lays the metal rake down. Wind comes in and blows all the leaves into Superspeed, causing him to stumble and fall onto the rake, impaling him.

Smoochie 2

Superspeed is again shown standing in a messy yard. He gets a blower and blows the leaves. Superspeed notices how cool it is when the leaves are blown. He holds up the blower to his face, where is tears up his skin and flesh, and leaves his skull, where it falls off.

Smoochie 3

Superspeed is shown standing in a messy yard. He gets a leave sucker and begins sucking the leaves. It sucks up alot of leaves pretty face and gets rid of it in a bag. Superspeed then sees what happens if you suck up a pinecone. He does this, causing it to get stuck and explode, leaving his hat behind


  • Smoochie 1: Superspeed is impaled on the rake.
  • Smoochie 2: Superspeed's face is torn by the blower, leaving a skull.
  • Smoochie 3: Superspeed is killed when the sucker exploded.

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