Surfsoars is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series.

Sniffles having the time of his least the last of it!






Sniffles (along with a few generic tree friends) glances at Hippy's amazing surfing trick. He was able to spin in the air without falling! Sniffles wonders how they do this and suddenly sees Lumpy's "SURF-FLY TUTORIALS" building.

Sniffles goes running to the place to find Cro-Marmot and Mime already talently doing it. Lumpy shows him how to do it and Sniffles tries his best. After a while of spinning and jumping, his legs get tired of jumping. But Sniffles doesn't give up, which causes his legs to break off.

Many months later, the trick has not even gotten old yet and Sniffles has finally healed. Sniffles decides to try it out and dives into a pool. He jumps into the air and Nutty throws him a surfboard.

Sniffles lands on the board and suddenly gets the trick right! But the strength of the dive has caused a pipe to open and let all the water out. While Sniffles doesn't notice because he is having fun in the air, Nutty screams.

The surfboard drops to the ground and Nutty, freaked out and knowing what will happen next, drops his lollipop accidentally and it lands on the surfboard, the top of it sticking closely, causing Sniffles to be impaled on it when he falls.

Nutty freaks out and slips on water, causing him to fall down and scrape on the edges. He suddenly gets stuck in the tube that closes, crushing him and causing all his blood to splatter into a litteral pool of blood.

Cro-Marmot, not noticing the water is actually blood, decides to go for a surf in the blood.


"Learning new tricks can be fun!"


  • Sniffles is impaled on a lollipop.
  • Nutty is killed when a pipe closes on him.


  • Sniffles' feet fall off.
  • Before death: Nutty is squished in a tube.


  • When Sniffles is surfing, his pocket protector disappears.


  • For the second time since Wipe Out, Cro-Marmot is shown to have an intrest in surfing.

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