Starring Roles

  • Spook
  • Rose

Featuring Roles

  • Flaky


One day, Superspeed was heading to a place. He came across a switch and became curious about it. When he tried to pull it, It did not move. Superspeed was okay with it at first but after another fail, he suddenly became really angry. He pulled on it up hard, where he broke it and accidently stabbed him threw his mouth. The top of the switch was in his thoat, where he couldnt breathe and pulled it out his thoat, still in his mouth. Superspeed then tripped, where it impladed threw the back of his head and flew away. Superspeed was left on the ground dead. The Switch flew and smacked Spook in his head. Spook looked in anger, but never found it. He began to happily walk away, untill he got to the road. Spook stopped and looked both ways before finishing his walk. However, as he looked to the right, a car came by a ran him over. He flew into the air and smashed into a tree. The tree fell down and crushed Spook. Rose was heading to a food place because she was hungry (No duh). Before she made it, Cuddles cut in front of her. Rose becomes really angry and attacks Cuddles. She sends Cuddles flying into space, where he is struck by a metor. Rose then orders a hamburger from Flaky. Trippy then comes around and when Flaky says they are out, he goes for Rose's hamburger. Rose notices him early and kicks him on the ear, knocking his brain out the other side.


  • Superspeed is impaled in the head by the switch.
  • Spook is crushed by a tree.
  • Cuddles is struck by a meteor.
  • Trippy's brain is kicked out by Rose.

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