Swords, drawn in the "irregular" style for HTF characters.

Swords is a blue-gray wolf with dark green eyes, green pants with a light blue cloth sash, and a periwinkle star on her forehead. She's not much of a social wolf, and prefers to keep her distance from others, although occasionally she will use any unlucky Happy Tree Friend, even Flippy, wandering her way for "training". This training basically consists of Swords attacking the victim with her sword until they die. She doesn't speak much, and when she does, it's mostly insults.


  • The name Swords isn't her real name, but a nickname. She's told no one her real name.
  • She is incredibly powerful, capable of fighting Flippy or Splendid easily.
  • She is the second female character without eyelashes, the first being Flaky.
  • She is the first female character to wear exclusively pants.
  • Her nose is a variation of the regular HTF nose.
  • She has quite a pottymouth and is very creative in her insults, calling Disco Bear an "obese, child-f**king greasy a**hole" and describing Nutty as "a saccharine-crazed imbecile who should be sent to freakin' rehab".
  • Swords has a higher comprehension and understanding of things than most other Happy Tree Friends.
  • She is unfazed by the sight of blood and gore.
  • Her sword is a katana, a Japanese longsword.
  • There's a rumor of her eating the leftover corpses and entrails from her "training" sessions...

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