Tazzy is a character from Aussie Outback Friends.

Does he remind you of anyone?

Character Bio

Tazzy is a black tasmanian devil. Normally he is a friendly character and, like other Tassie devils, loves to eat meat. However, he hates vegetables with a passion.

Whenever a character gets hurt, or if he tastes vegetables, he will snap and turn into an outright ferocious carnivore, eating anyone nearby.


Starring roles

Featuring roles


Outside AOF


  1. I've Machine That Before - Eats Joey's poisoned body.
  2. Drought and About - Drowns in flood.
  3. Aussie Outback Fan, Part 2 - Hit by crutch.


  1. Kickboxing it Old School - Bitten by a venomous snake and punched/tossed in the air.
  2. Outback Fire - Cut by Flippy's umbrella.

Kill Count


Tazzy in his normal state.

  • Joey - 5 ("Speak of the Tasmanian Devil", "Friends on the Barby", "I've Machine That Before", "Outback Fire", "Aussie Outback Fan, Part 2")
  • Kuddly - 2 ("Speak of the Tasmanian Devil", "Outback Fire")
  • Hairy - 2 ("Speak of the Tasmanian Devil", "Friends on the Barby")
  • Platto - 2 ("Speak of the Tasmanian Devil", "Kickboxing it Old School" debatable)
  • Prickles - 1 ("Friends on the Barby")
  • Scales - 1 ("Card Trick")
  • Robbie - 1 ("Card Trick")
  • Mia - 1 ("Card Trick")
  • Spiny - 1 ("Aussie Outback Fan, Part 2")
  • Others - 1+ (7 or 8 drop bears in "Drop Bear Necessities")


  • He is based on Flippy because of his flip-outs.
  • He may also be based on Taz the tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes because of his voracious appetite, and he is occasionally seen spinning in a tornado.
  • He is the same color as real-life tasmanian devils.
  • Joey is his most frequent victim.
  • In Out of Outback and Outback Fire, he is seen fighing Flippy.
  • He makes a quick appearance in the HTF episode Card Trick.

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