The Gangreen gang prank call people.


Narrator: The City of Tree Town whe-

(He is cut short when he hears his phone ring)

Narrator: Hello?

Ace(Leader of the Gangreen Gang): Yeah listin jerkface you good for nothing toad!

Narrator: You cant talk to me like that!

Ace: How bout this? I think you stink! I can smell you over the phone!

Narrator: Why i outta- who is this?

(Cuts to the Gangreen Gang laughing)

Narrator:Oh the GANGREEN GANG. Oh you good for nothing prank callers.

Ace: Alright lets do another prank call!

(Calls the phone again he is talking to Spook as a restaurant manager.)

Spook: Hello!

Ace: Do you have Frog legs?

Spook: No

Ace: Do you have to work then JERK!

(Hangs up phone)

(Gang is laughing)

Arturo: I want to try!

(He gets the phone and calls Professor Untorium.)

Professor: Hello?

Arturo: Am i speaking to the man of the house?

Professor: Yes

Arturo: Well you just won 10 million Dollars!

Professor(Excited): 10 Mill.. 10 MILLION DOLLARS!?!? WOW

Arturo: Can you hold?

Professor: Sure!

(Arturo sitlently hangs up the phone so the Professor won't notice)

(Gang laughs again)

Ace: Alright whos next

(Everyone rasies their hands he gives it to Big Billy)

Other gang(Except Ace,Arturo and billy): Aw man

(Big Billy Calls Robo Star answrs the phone)

Robo Star: Hello?

Big Billy: Dawwwwww

Robo Star: Who is this?

Big Billy: Billy

Robo Star: Billy who?

Big Billy: Big Billy

Robo Star: Is this a prank call?

Big Billy: yes

Robo Star: Because its not a good one.

Big Billy: I'm Sorry

(Ace grabs the phone)

Ace: Give me that!

Ace: Uhhhh. Prince Albert in a fridge!

Robo Star: Oh God I better let him out.

(Phone hangs up)


Other Gang: Were Sorry Ace!

Ace: Its not the jokes its the pranks we need something big

(They see the City Hall)

Ace: Grubber you try to prank call the Mayor out of their!

(Grubber gets the phone on and turns his voice into Miss Bellum's voice)

Mayor: Hello? Oh Miss Belum

Grubber(Miss Bellums voice): Mayor quick! we need a new store everoyne is ranting for one


Mayor: Oh boy i Better get to the shop!

Ace: Lets go!.

(They sneak in and find the Powerpuff Hotline.)

Ace: Perfect.

The PowerPuff Girls look confused at Professor Untorium who is still on the phone.

Blossom: Whats with are father?

Bubbles: I know something is going wrong

(Hotline rings)

Girls: AH the hotline!

(Blossom answers)

Blossom: Yes Mayor? Britton is thinking of a plan to rule the world? Where on it!

Grubber(In Mayors voice): HURRY

(The GangreenGang laugh at the prank call)

(Inisde it shows Britton Sleeping in his house the girls burst in)

Britton: WHa-

(The girls attack him)

Blossom: Don't play dumb we know you have a evil plan

Britton: What are you TAlking about!

Buttercup: Yeah like you don't have a giant robot to smash earth?

Britton: NO

Blossom: No plans to take over the world

Britton: NO


Britton: NO! I did nothing wrong

Blossom: Then what did you do before we got here

Britton: Sleeping!

Buttercup: Before that!

Britton: Reading the paper!

Blossom: Well you better behave yourself!

Britton: Oh goodness I better Not snore!

(Girls return home)

Blossom: How humiliating!

(Hotline rings again)

Blossom: Yes mayor? Rabbit is causing destruction on tree town ARE you sure?.....Alright Girls lets take him out

(Rabbit is shown taking a bath peacefully with a well tended garden.)

Blossom: OK RABBIT! its time to teach you a lesson

Buttercup: This is for all the evil you've done (Punchs Rabbit)

Blossom: This is for hurting people (grabs rabbits ears

Bubbles: AND THIS IS FOR TAKING A BATH (Smacks Rabbit with his flowers

Buttercup: Uh oh maybe he was taking a bath while keeping his garden clean

Bubbles: Uh Rabbit?

Blossom: We didn't mean to...

(Rabbit Bursts out of the bath glaring Evily at the girls)

Blossom(Nervousely): Tee hee maybe you were just taking a bath)

(The girls giggle nervously and qucikly fly back home)

Blossom: Strike 2 for the Mayor first Britton is innocent then Rabbit is clean whos next?

(Hotline rings again)

Blossom: Hello Mayor.......

Blossom: Are you sure? Really? Really?

Buttercup: Is it Serious this time?

Blossom: Yes it is its AL CAPONE

Bubbles: You mean the baddest of the baddest?

Blossom: The Mayor cant be lying about this one LETS GO

(They burst in only to see Capone exercising)

Al: Hello Girls! what a pleasant suprise!

Blossom: Have you done anything wrong today?

Al: Nope. just exercising

Blossom: Ok uh we better go then.

Al: Bye Girls see you soon Goodbye( he grabs a phone)

(Cuts to Britton talking to Rabbit on the phone)

Britton: yes yes I heard you the first time Rabbit uh hold on someone is on the other line hold on.

Al: Britton you remeber me?

Britton: NOT you again! What do you want?

Al: You wont belive what just happend!

Britton: The Powerpuff Girls came in unexpected

Al: HUH how did you know?

Britton: Same thing happend to me and Rabbit hes on the other line


Rabbit: They saw my Birthday Suit!

Al: This is an Outrage!

Britton: Definitely even though you guys are evil citizens and im good but were all still citiznes regardless

Rabbit: BIRTHDAY SUIT (Crying on phone)

Al: We need to complain!

Britton: But to who?

(They call the "Mayor" Billy answers it)

Big Billy: Hellllllllllooo?


Big Billy: Duh hes not here right now can i take a massage?

Al: Do you know when he'll be back?

Big Billy: IDK you see Grubber tricked the mayor into leaving so we can break in and do prank calls.

Al: HUH!!??!? you dont say... who am i talking to?

Big Bily: Billy

Al: Billy who?

Big Billy: Billy of the GangreenGang(phone hangs up) Hello?

(Door bursts open with an enraged Britton,Rabbit and Al Capone)

Al: So you guys like to make PRANK CALLS

(They charge beating up and possibly killing the Ganggreen Gang)

Mayor returns

Mayyor: Uhhhh

(hotline rings)

Blossom: What now mayor?

Mayor: Come quick The Gaangreengang, Britton, Rabbit and Capone are fighting in my office

Blossom: Yeah right

Girls: Goodnight Professor

(Shows Professor stil on the phone)


  1. Spook survived this episode.
  2. This is the only episode where Rabbit dosen't flip out.

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