"The Bed" is the first episode of Happy Tree Friends: The Flaky Chronicles.





Flaky crawls out from under her bed. A few of her quills have been stuck to her bed, and they have curled around to stay on Flaky's back. Flaky stands nervously up, and tries to get up. She calls the General Helper, who ends up ripping Flaky's quills (off-screen).

Later, Flaky is seen at the hospital with casts all over her quills. General Helper comes by and apologizes, and sees that Flaky's quills haven't gotten stuck to the patient bed yet. General Helper looks at the brand of the bed and runs out to find and buy one.

General Helper looks around a store called "MATRESS DOLLAR STORE" and finds the perfect brand. Apparently, he is knocked over by the spring. When he sees that one is ruined, he sadly walks away to find another matress.

The next matress General Helper finds is the perfect brand. He brings it to the hospital and brings it to Flaky. As the episode ends, when Flaky gets up and cheers, it is revealed that her quills have waited until then to get stuck to the bed.


  • The first episode/pilot of the series was hated by many fans due to the lack of blood and death. This made many fans think this spinoff would be non-bloody for every episode.
  • This episode is the first for the General Helper to appear. Some people call him "Generic Tree Helper".

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