The Best Party is a fan episode
Best party

Eli waits to get the party started



  1. Eli


  1. Disco Bear
  2. Chopstix and The Dragon
  3. Doc
  4. Splendid
  5. Lumpy
  6. Cheesy


  1. Giggles
  2. Pan


Eli is having a party. He makes various invatations and various preparations. He sips a cup of tea while he waits.

Finally, Disco Bear, Chopstix, The Dragon, Doc, Splendid, Lumpy, and Cheesy arrive. Eli invites them and they come in.

Disco Bear and Chopstix do apple-bobbing. Chopstix gets an apple and laughs. Eli is happy to see them having fun. Suddenly, The Dragon picks up the apple and throws it at Disco Bear and killing him. Chopstix sticks his head in, but does it for so long, he dies of suffocation fro the water. Giggles screams.

Doc and Splendid are playing pin the tail on the donkey. Doc is getting colder. He accidentally pins the tail on Splendid's butt, killing him. Doc then wanders to a washing machine where he trips inside. A passing Pan turns on the washing machine (as his clothes are in here). He sees his clothes are all red! He looks inside and gasps at the sight of Doc's organs

Lumpy and Cheesy are eating. Lumpy is just about to reach for the last piece of cheese, when Cheesy snatches it away from him. Lumpy fights Cheesy for the cheese. They wander into an oven, causing a fire, killing everybody in the house.


  1. Disco Bear is impaled in the eye by an apple.
  2. Chopstix is suffocated by water.
  3. Splendid dies of blood loss when Doc impales him in the butt with a pin.
  4. Doc dies in a washing machine.
  5. Lumpy and Cheesy die in an oven.
  6. Eli, The Dragon, Giggles, and Pan burn to death.

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