The Coin is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends.













Superspeed wakes up and makes some coffee. It's too hot so he puts the coffee on a stove. He tells Rose he will be right back. When Superspeed walks out, he sees something sparkling. He picks it up. It is a coin.

The date on it says "1179". Thinking it's real, he goes to ask Lumpy how much its worth. Superspeed gets to the store while Lumpy is setting up a clock. Lumpy lost track of time and spent all night yesterday here. When Superspeed asks Lumpy what the coin is worth, he lets go of the clock, making it fall to the ground and smashes in front of Cub, making Cub blabber happily. Lumpy exams the coin, but says no.

Superspeed looks at the coin sadly. Lumpy looks at the wall, thinks for a minute, and realizes that the clock is gone. He gets off the ladder, tramples Superspeed, and gets in his car. He floors his car and rushes to the store. Spook, the crossing guard, sees Lumpy and blows his whistle as Giggles is crossing. Lumpy doesn't stop and runs over Spook, and flings Giggles toward a wire, decapitating her. Spook's corpse lands on Lumpy's windshield. Lumpy only whipes his body off.

Back at the store, Pop and Cuddles are trying to wake up Superspeed. He finally comes through, then remembers the coin. He asks Cuddles if he knew about the coin. Cub, who is playing with the clock pieces, throws a piece at the ladder, which causes it to fall and slice up Superspeed and behead Cuddles. Pop looks shocked but takes Cub and leaves. Lumpy arrives and hammers the new clock to the wall. As Lumpy heads to his office, we learn that the clock is Spook's head. Later, Superspeed's house burned down.


-Spook is ran over

-Giggles is decaptied

-Superspeed is sliced into pieces

-Cuddles has the same fate as Giggles

-Rose died in the fire


-The beginning and end is a reference to "Wake Up and Smell The Coffee".

-In the comics, it is pretty normal for Spook to be ran over by Lumpy.

-Giggles' death is similar to Disco Bear's death in "Ipso Fatso".

-Superspeed's death is similar to Cub's death in "Who's To Flame?".

-Pop only cared for Cub's safety.

-Lumpy was actually planned to die, by falling into a box of nails. This was later removed for unknown reasons.

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