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It's a nice morning, and Superspeed's still in bed. Suddenly a knock and a suprised Superspeed flies out of bed. He goes and checks the door and its Rose. Rose asks Superspeed if he wants to go eat together, and he said yes.

So they head their way there, waving to Pop and Cub, and then Spook, who is crushed by a satellite. When arriving, they are greeted by Lumpy, who gives them their seat, next to a window. They decide what they want and Lumpy leaves to get the order. Superspeed and Rose then look at each other, and then lean over the table to kiss, when an explosion happens outside.

Outside, inflames, and in half, is Trippy. Superspeed watches and decides to ask for help, only to trip. Rose gets up and helps Superspeed up. Superspeed wonders a little more and trips. Rose, again, helps Superspeed. Superspeed finally gets out of the restaurant and to Trippy.

Rose stands away and watches Superspeed attempt to help Trippy. Superspeed reaches his hand out and his hand catches on fire and he falls and bursts into flames. Both of them sitting in fire screaming, Rose slowly makes her way to the fire. Suddenly the truck explodes which kills Trippy and Superspeed and sends Rose flying back into the restaurant wall.

Rose stumbles up and is saddened that Superspeed and Trippy are dead and that she failed to save them. When she looks foward, however, a car is heading for her, but she is to late. The car smashes into her, into the restaurant, and out. When looking inside, Lumpy fell into the grease pot and burned/drowned to death. As the car drives into the sunset, a flame is heard and later and explosion. The end.


  1. Spook is crushed by the satellite.
  2. Superspeed and Trippy die in the explosion.
  3. Rose is ran over/splattered.
  4. Lumpy burns/drowns to death.
  5. The Generic Tree Friend driving the car dies in an explosion.


  • Spook's death is based off of one of Kenny's deaths (South Park).
  • This episode was based off a scene in the HTF episode Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (where Russell crashed and was shown burning to death).
  • Superspeed seems to be very clumsy as well as to be very caring in this episode.
  • Originally, Cub was the one driving the car that killed Rose and Lumpy.
  • The same thing might happen when the Generic Tree Friend blew up, with different characters because those are dead.

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