The Joneses

The Joneses

The Joneses are a family of four.Tammy, Mitch, Ralph, and Meg.This family is from Jones family in the Game Twisted Metal, .The family isn't the same, but all the names and characteristics are the same in the actual game.

Character(s) Bio

The Joneses family a family of porchipines that are very joyful.The family members are Tammy(Daughter), Mitch(Son), Ralph(Father), and Meg(Mother).


Ralph is the father of the Jones family.He usualy likes doing activities like Fishing, Hiking, etc. with his son Mitch.Ralph is also protective with his family.He always tries to keep them alive when they are in sticky situations, but they end up dying, and later have Ralph dead trying to keep them alive.Ralph also has a job, he is a cashier for a candy store.Ralph is often the last one to die in the family.


Meg is the mother of The Jones family, and always hangs out with her Daughter, Tammy.Meg sometimes accidently kills her own family members, like in episode "Sure is A Roadkill", Meg accidently lets go of her patato mixer while making mashed patatoes, having the mixer drill into Mitch's head.Meg mostly drives the station wagon they own, but drives poorly.


Mitch is the Son of the Family that always hangs out with his father.Mitch is mostly the first person to die in the family.Mitch mostly kills her sister, Tammy, when she gets him mad.Mitch also gets hypnotised alot when he looks in the mirror.It is unknown why he gets hypnotised while looking in the mirror, but whatever Mitch hears that sounds of a command, Mitch does the exact.Like in episode "Sure is a Roadkill", Mitch looked in the van mirror, and heard the first thing from Tammy when she was playing a gaming system was "Im gonna destroy you!"Mitch went to Tammy and ripped off both her arms, and smacked Tammy in the face with them continuesly.


Tammy is the Daughter of the Jones Family.Tammy often does activites with her mother, Meg.Tammy hates her brother, and always ends up beating him up whenever she claims that Mitch is doing something 'Stupid".Tammy has anger issues, and whenever she gets mad, she nearly kills what makes her mad.Most of Tammy's deaths involve being stabbed, or being killed by her brother.


  • Mitch is the only character porchipine to have a patch of furry hair on his head.
  • Although the characters are joyful seeming in the Happy Tree friends show, the real Joneses from Twisted Metal kill people and have anger in what they want.
  • The Joneses from the Twisted Metal game look nothing like the Real Joneses from Twisted Metal

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