Mole and fish

This smoochie will end badly... for the fish!

Idle animations

  • The Mole adjusts his glasses.
  • The Mole takes out a brick and pets it, mistaking it for a pet.



A cat runs up to The Mole. The Mole thinks it is a baseball. The Mole takes out a baseball bat and throws the cat in the air. The Mole thinks he has a home run, and, as blood pours out the side of the screen, he runs from 'base to base'.


A dog comes up to The Mole and barks. The Mole picks it up and pets it. The Mole walks to the side, revealing a "Lost Dog" sign that is shown of The Mole's dog. The Mole looks at the sign, and thinks it says "Wanted", so The Mole takes a knife and stabs it.


A table, with a fishbowl on top of it, rolls over to The Mole. The Mole "looks" at it. He takes the fish out and drinks the water, putting the fish back in afterwards. The fish flops up and down, and The Mole accidentally knocks over the fishbowl, and the glass shards impale the fish.


  • This makes The Mole the first character to survive all three options of his smoochie. Gloomy's Suicide Smoochie was created later on.
  • The cat has a similiar appearance to Mittens/Honey, while the dog is presumably Snowie.