The Powerpuff Girls
The Powerpuff Girls are 3 girls created by Proffessor Utonium with sugar, spice and everything nice. That was untill he accidently added Chemical X to the ingreidents therefore giving the girls superpowers and they dedicated their lives to fight crime and the forces of evil. In HTF world, often killing others in the process. In Happy Tree Friends, all of the girls are chipmunks.


The leader and the smartest one. Her ingredient is "Everything Nice". Her color is pink.

She can be a little bossy sometimes.

She wears a pink bow similar to Giggles and a red skirt dress.


The cute and sensitive one. Her ingredient is "Sugar". Her color is blue.

When her loved ones are hurt, she gets angry.

She wears a blue skirt dress.


The toughest of the three. Her ingredient is "Spice". Her color is green.

In HTF world, Buttercup can flip out but usually resists it. She wears a green skirt dress.

Rivals(In the TV show)

  • Mojo Jojo
  • Him
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins

Rivals (In HTF World)

Kill Count

  • Ale - 0
  • Al Capone - 2
  • Itchy - 5
  • Scratchy - 1
  • Superspeed - 3
  • Trippy - 4
  • Robo Star - 4
  • Alain - 2
  • Squish - 1

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