Can Pierce make it out of Torn's evil side?
Internet Season: HTF Break
Episode Number: 3
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Magnify-cent
Next Episode Face Off

The Punk, The Kill is a HTF Break short.


Part 1

Torn is seen eating his sandwich but then Pierce steals it. Torn flips out then he kills Pierce with a knife. Torn slices Pierce's head and puts it in his sandwich.

Part 2

Rip sits down to eat but then Pierce punches him. Rip flips out and eats Pierce's brain, arms, and legs. Then Rip cuts out Pierce's eyes with a knife. At lunch time, Torn sits eating lunch then he sees Rip eating Pierce's flesh in noodles next to him. Torn joins him to eat and tries some of the noodles.


  1. Torn kills Pierce with a knife (Part 1).
  2. Rip kills Pierce by eating his brain, arms, and legs (Part 2).


  • This is the first HTF Break with 2 parts. The second would be Texas Hold Em'.
  • Torn and Pierce appear in both parts. Also, Pierce dies in both.
  • This the first episode Torn flips out.
  • This is one of the episodes where Torn and Rip survive in.
  • This the first episode Torn kills a character.

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