The Right Side Of The Tracks is the third episode of Season Seven.


  1. Ale
  2. Pia


  1. Trippy
  2. Sir Gron
  3. Ziggles
  4. Hippy
  5. Superspeed
  6. Torn
  7. Sapphire
  8. Ava
  9. Fireball
  10. Lessy


  1. Spot


Superspeed and Hippy enter a train station followed by Pia who has a lot of bags. Once Pia gets in, Trippy and Sir Gron pass and go on a train. Ale, the driver takes them to their destination. They thank Ale.

Ale then drives back to the train station and sees Sapphire and Ava there. She takes them to their destination. They thank Ale and leave. When Ale gets back to the train station, Hippy can be seen playing with a toy gun.

Ale flips out and pierces Hippy in the chest, exposing his heart. Spot then appears when Ale leaves and fans Hippy. As Pia carries her bag, Ziggles appears carrying only one bag. Ale sees her and impales her with nails, killing her.

Ale snaps out of it due to Pia's screaming and looks at the damage she done. She sadly gets on the bus. Trippy goes back on without Gron. Ale drives him back, but Trippy is not satisfied. Spot, Superspeed, Torn, Fireball, and Lessy get on. Ale flips out to see such a crowd.

Ale cuts Trippy's hands off and he dies of blood loss. She then goes over to Spot and cuts him in half with a knife. She then uses an eggbeater on Fireball and Lessy, and throws Superspeed and Torn out the window, but they hit Pia causing the bag to crush all three of them.


"Get off the tracks"


  1. Hippy gets pierced in the chest by Ale.
  2. Ziggles is impaled with nails.
  3. Trippy dies of blood loss when his hands are cut off.
  4. Fireball and Lessy are killed by eggbeaters.
  5. Superspeed, Torn and Pia are crushed by lots of bags.


  • The title may be a reference to the TV episode The Wrong Side of the Tracks.

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