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Handy is fixing some cracks in a wall where Lumpy is holding him up high on a floor. Handy accidentally knocks some screws off a cliff. They stab and kill Lumpy. Handy falls all the way down smashing into the ground. From the impact, some screws fly and stab and kill Superspeed while he was driving. Flippy was talking to Flaky and Cuddles, telling them jokes. Cuddles and Flaky are ran over, both killed. Flippy calls 911, only for the driver to crash. So now Flippy doesn't know what to do.


  • Lumpy is stabbed and killed by the screws.
  • Handy dies from his injuries (debatable).
  • Superspeed is stabbed and killed by screws.
  • Flaky and Cuddles are ran over by a car.
  • A generic tree friend is killed in a car wreck.


  • Handy is responsible for all deaths in this episode.
  • Flippy does not flip out in this episode.
  • Flippy and Handy (debatable) are the only ones to survive.
  • This may be the only time that's not a role-play episode that Superspeed is not killed by Cub.

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