The Small Game
Watch out, Robo Star!
Internet Season: 2
Episode Number: 11
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Robo Star
Previous Episode Bully Out
Next Episode Trouble Double Crosser


Superspeed, Trippy and Robo Star are practicing baseball. Trippy pitches the ball at Superspeed, but Superspeed misses and the ball knocks out Robo Star cold. RoboStar eventually wakes up but Trippy pitches again but Superspeed misses again and ends up decapitating Robo Star. Trippy screams at Robo Star's corpse when he pitches again, causing the ball to hit Superspeed in the chest, piercing through his heart. Trippy screams even more now and runs away. However, he trips on Superspeed's remains and falls on the baseball bat, piercing his eye and killing him.


1. Robo Star was decapitated by a baseball bat

2.A baseball bat punctures through Superspeed in the chest

3. Trippy trips and falls on a baseball bat which pierces through his eye

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