Isn't this precious?

Internet Season: Love Bites
Episode Number: 5
Starring Roles


Featuring Roles
Previous Episode The Glues on You
Next Episode I Shove You

The Smell of Love is a fan-made Love Bites short.


Fungus walks onto Petunia's lawn and takes a nap in a trash can. Petunia is seen in the distance planting some flowers. She plants her last flower and then goes to grab a large bag of manure. She drags the heavy bag across the ground until accidentally tripping over a rock, causing the bag to rip open on top of her.

Petunia's fur is now dirty and smelly from the manure, much to her dismay. Fungus smells the scent and wakes up, immediately falling in love with Petunia's "makeover". He runs up and hugs Petunia, but she suffocates from the awful smell combined with Fungus strangling her with his hugs. Fungus spins Petunia around to dance, but she falls on the ground dead.

After the ending tag, Fungus buries Petunia in the garden, with her leg still sticking out. Fungus gives a sigh of relief, when Guddles' arm appears with a can of air freshener, which is sprayed at Fungus. The episode ends with Fungus screaming as his eyes bleed from the spray.

Ending Tag

  • Love stinks!


  1. Petunia dies of suffocation from Fungus' hug and the smell of his body and the manure.


  1. Air freshener is sprayed into Fungus' eyes.


  • This is the first Love Bites short to feature Fungus and Guddles.
  • This is the second time Fungus kills Petunia, the first was Trash Day.

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