The Vicious Cycle of 2fort is a crossover episode.

Starring Roles

  • Superspeed (Soldier)
  • Squish (Sniper)
  • Trippy (Spy)
  • Howdy (Engineer)
  • Robo Star (Pyro)
  • Fatty (Heavy)
  • Britton (Scout)
  • Ava (Medic)
  • Spite (Demoman)


In the bridge in the map 2fort, a rather psychotic BLU Soldier (Superspeed) comes running into the enemy base. He stops when he sees a RED Sniper (Squish) and not taking the sniper's warning, Superspeed laughs and takes another step only to have Squish shoot him in the head. Squish mockingly laughs, unaware of a BLU Spy (Trippy) coming from behind and backstabs him. Trippy makes a laugh, runs on the bridge and places electro sappers on Howdy's Sentry and Dispenser, causing an explosion, killing Howdy. Trippy escapes the explosion only to fall off a ledge and break his neck. A RED Pyro (Robo Star) laughs at his corpse, unaware that a BLU Heavy (Fatty) shoots Robo Star's gas tank, sending him flying in the air. Fatty mockingly taunts the flying Robo Star only to have a RED Scout (Britton) to shoot him with his Force-A-Nature sending Fatty in the air, causing an explosion in the intel room and killing a RED Medic (Ava). Just then, a BLU Demoman (Spite) tackles Britton but both look in horror as Robo Star comes crashing down, killing all three. Later, the BLU Soldier respawns (Superspeed) and makes a loud mancry in his resupply. He leaves the resupply and the Vicious Cycle repeats.


1. Superspeed is shot in the head. (respawns afterwards)

2. Trippy backstabs Squish.

3. Howdy dies in a explosion.

4. Trippy breaks his neck.

5. Fatty and Ava die in an explosion in the intel room.

6. Robo Star, Britton, and Spite are killed when Robo Star comes crashing down on them.


  • It is based off a Youtube Video called "Vicious Cycle of 2fort".
  • All of the deaths are not permanent.
  • One year later, an episode of HTF called "A Vicious Cycle" out.

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