Season 1

Episode Name Characters Deaths Picture
Merry Christmas Lumpy

Starring: Lumpy Giggles Petunia Skunky Russel Flaky Flippy

Featuring: The Mole Nutty Cuddles Toothy Mime

Apperances: Lifty Shifty

All except Flippy No Picture Avalible

Starring: Lumpy Lammy Sniffles

Featuring: Giggles Nutty Petunia Skunky

Apperances: Mime Toothy Cuddles

All except Lumpy and Nutty No Picture Avaliable
The Bridge is Falling Down

Starring: Lumpy Lifty Shifty Disco Bear Ballet Bear Petunia Pop Cub Speedy Skunky Handy Cuddles

Appearences: Giggles Toothy The Mole Splendid Lammy Truffles Nutty Sniffles Flaky Jenny


No Picture Avaliable
When Aliens Attack

Starring: Splendid

Featuring: Flaky Giggles Nutty

Appearences: Disco Bear Ballet Bear Lifty Shifty Cuddles

Flaky Giggles Lifty Splendid Cuddles No Picture Avaliable
Flipped Out

Starring: Splendid Flippy Pop

Featuring: Cuddles Toothy The Mole Nikki Jenny Lumpy Lammy Flaky Mime Cub

Jenny Flaky Mime Toothy Lumpy Nikki Lammy Flippy Cub Pop

No Picture Avaliable
An Olympic Massacre

Starring: Lumpy Toothy Nutty Handy

Featuring: Petunia Cuddles Cro-Marmot Ballet Bear Disco Bear Nikki

Nikki Nutty Ballet Bear Cro-Marmot Petunia Disco Bear Cuddles No Picture Avaliable
Party at Giggles

Starring: Giggles Sniffles Petunia Toothy Cuddles Mime Handy

Featuring: Nutty The Mole Lumpy Flippy Flaky Lammy

All except Mime No Picture Avaliable
The Wizard of Noz

Starring: Lammy Lumpy Skunky Flaky

Featuring: Petunia Sniffles Handy Pop Cub Giggles

Giggles Cub Pop Petunia Handy Sniffles No Picture Avaliable
Wipe Out HTF

Starring: Lumpy The Mole Flippy

Featuring: Giggles Cuddles Petunia Toothy Pop Sniffles Nutty Handy Mime Cub Truffles Jenny Nikki Ballet Bear Disco Bear

Lumpy The Mole Giggles Cub Pop Truffles Jenny Disco Bear Ballet Bear Toothy No Picture Avaliable
Coffee Break

Starring: Giggles Disco Bear Ballet Bear Petunia Handy

Featuring: Nutty Sniffles Cuddles

Cuddles Nutty Ballet Bear Sniffles Petunia Handy Giggles

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