Trippy, Lumpy, and Boris sit around a campfire, singing and roasting marshmallows. Ale walks up and the gang greets her and invites her to grab a seat. As she warms herself by the fire, some sparks fly at Ale, causing war flashbacks. As a result, Evil Ale emerges.

Trippy notices this, and laughs nervously as he tries to calm Ale down. Ale flies through the fire, however, and uses a rock to smash/scrape off a good deal of skin from Trippy's face. His blood splashes on Lumpy, who screams.

Ale now cuts open Trippy's torso and uses his intestines to strangle Lumpy to death. Boris screams and retreats back into his sleeping bag, assuming a fetal position. Ale lifts up his sleeping bag, however, and tosses it onto the fire, where Boris is roasted alive. Ale laughs and holds some marshmallows to the fire as Boris screams in pain.

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