Toothy, Mime, and Trippy in the fan version of This Is Your Knife.


  1. Mime
  2. Toothy
  3. Trippy
  4. Ale


Mime, Toothy and Trippy are at a campfire when Ale comes in. Ale sits down and the fire makes her flip out. She scrapes Mime's face off with a rock and some blood gets on Toothy. Ale slices Mime's stomach open with a knife. She pulls out Mime's intestines and strangles Toothy with them. Trippy hides in his sleeping bag, terrified. Ale picks the sleeping bag up and throws it on the campfire. Ale laughs as Trippy screams in pain and roasts marshmallows.


  1. Mime's face is scraped off by a rock
  2. Toothy is strangled with Mime's intestines
  3. Trippy is thrown onto a campfire

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