Rip messes with Pia and Torn
Internet Season: Love Bites
Episode Number: 3
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Love is what hurts
Next Episode The Glues on You

This Is Your Love is a Love Bites short.


The episode starts with Torn siting next to Pia on a bench. The camera zooms at Torn going to kiss Pia, but then he gets hit by a snowball. Rip is then seen giggling as he runs away. An Evil Torn then emerges.

Pia is giggling, when Torn takes her arm and rips it apart. Pia screams. Torn then rips her brain out, killing Pia.

After the ending tag, Rip and Trippy play with Pia's face with blood. Rip looks at the blood and makes Trippy go to sleep in his bed. We then see Rip with light eyes. Before the episode ends, Trippy screams to death and a bloody noise is heard.

Ending Tag

  • Girls' deaths are nature's thing.


  1. Pia dies when Torn rips her brain out of her head.
  2. Trippy is killed by Rip (death off-screen).


  1. When Rip throws the snowball, and when he giggles, he has far apart buckteeth that Toothy has.


  1. This first Love Bites short Pia, Rip, and Trippy appear in.

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