Timber is a wolf, who was introduced in the episode BREAK-ski.

Character Bio

Timber is a light grey wolf, who wears gloves and snow shoes. Timber loves the snow and enjoys sledding and Skiing. Timber lives near Cro-Marmots snow dome. He lives in a log cabin that is always covered in Christmas decor.

Timber enjoys skiing deeply, and skis quite often. Oftentimes he is very happy-go-lucky, while other times, he panics (usually when nearing death). He is known to burn firewood in order to keep warm, much to the dismay of others. He is also seen to like golfing despite it not being a winter sport.

Timber is often the subject of misfortune, and is killed by Cro-Marmot quite often. However, he survived BOOK IT!, Shave My Life, Lighten Up a Bit, Tea OffPeak a Boo and Don't Try This at Home  For a long time, he was an obscure figure with few appearances, though he picked up popularity following his appearance in Fatface's episodes.



  1. BREAK-Ski
  2. Logging On
  3. Ski what I mean
  4. Polar Ice'd
  5. Lighten up a bit
  6. A close shave
  7. Timber's Snow Smoochie
  8. A New Slope
  9. Cabin Fever
  10. Tree-Chained
  11. Frozen Love

Featuring roles

  1. BOOK IT!
  2. Bee Quiet
  3. Conehead
  4. Tea Off
  5. Young Love
  6. Snow Day? Snow Way!
  7. Freeze to Meet You
  8. Ski Ya Later, Alligator!
  9. Snow Money, Snow Problems
  10. That Excavated Quickly
  11. Don't Try This at Home
  12. Clubbed Soda
  13. On Thin Ice
  14. Winter Magic
  15. Secret That's Been Spotted


  1. Peak a Boo
  2. Ode to Ears
  3. Brain Drain
  4. That Excavated Quickly
  5. Christmassacre

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