Poor Superspeed is covered head to toe in bandages, lying in a hospital bed with a small fan by his side. Sud
denly, he finds himself being entertained by Trippy who makes him a balloon animal and juggles for him. Superspeed laughs, enjoying Trippy's act.

Next, Trippy imitates a snake charmer and begins playing an instrument to make the bandage around Superspeed's foot float into the air. Superspeed finds this amusing, until the bandage gets caught in the blades of the fan by his bed.

As the fan pulls on the bandage, Superspeed's leg breaks in half. While trying to apply alcohol to the wound Trippy accidentally spills an entire bottle on Superspeed's exposed wound, increasing his pain. Trippy then moves Superspeed's leg back into place and Superspeed seems to be content.

Thinking the worst is over, Trippy turns the fan back on, only to find that Superspeed's bandage is still caught on one of the fan's blades. Superspeed gets pulled into the fan and slashed apart by the blades. After Superspeed's blood and organs splatter all over the walls of the room, Trippy looks around and quietly pulls on an imaginary rope to exit the scene.

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