As the Happy Tree Friends enjoy a day of ice skating, Scales comes upon an ant.
Scales trips on it and gets his tongue stuck to the ice. He tries to pull his tongue off the ice, but only succeeds in tearing the skin on the bottom of his tongue. trapping him.

The ants then toss a toy mouse onto Scales' tongue, and unleash a cat out of a cage. the cat pounces over to the toy mouse and extends its claws while pulling on the skin on Scales' tongue. Next, the ants tie a rope around Scales' tail and tie the other end to an anvil, which they knock into a hole in the ice.

Scales' tongue gets stretched out as he is pulled towards the water, but eventually he stops sliding backwards. His tongue is the only thing stopping him from certain death. The cat then uses its claws to slash Scales' tongue in half, and Scales painfully slides into the water. As the episode ends, we see the cat curled up and purring on Scales' severed tongue.

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