Tools for Fools
Lumpy is good at helping...
well, at least when he holds on tight.
Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 2
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Tools for Fools

Tools for Fools

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Tools for Fools is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends created by YouTube user Yudhaikeledai.


Handy and Lumpy try to repair a crack on the wall of a building. Lumpy pulls a rope which brings a platform Handy is standing on higher up the building. Handy tries to grab his tools, but fails, making his scowl.

Cuddles passes by and waves at Lumpy, saying hello. Lumpy waves back, however, letting go of the rope. This causes the platform, Handy, and his tools to fall. Lumpy sees this and quickly grabs onto the rope.

The tools land on the platform, but are launched off when Handy lands. Two screwdrivers impale Lumpy's eyes and make him fall into a pool of cement. Handy once again falls, landing on a board which is balanced like a teeter-totter, with a barrel of nails at the end. This causes the barrel to be launched on top of his head, impaling him with many nails as well as the glass on the window.

A chisel falls on the teeter-totter and is launched by Handy when he trips. In the distance, Flippy has a conversation with Flaky and Cuddles. Suddenly, the chisel shoots through Cuddles' and Flaky's skulls, urging Flippy to call for an ambulance.

Having lost much of his blood, Handy starts walking dizzily on the road, only to be run over by an ambulance. The driver, Sniffles, has been impaled with the numerous nails. Flippy tries to pump Flaky's heart, but then sees the ambulance crash. One of its tires bashes him on the head, killing him.


Don't lose your grip!!!


  1. Lumpy falls into quick-drying cement
  2. Cuddles and Flaky are shot through the skulls
  3. Handy is run over by an ambulance
  4. Sniffles is impaled by glass and nails
  5. Flippy's skull is crushed


  • This is one of the few times where Flippy doesn't flip-out.
  • Lumpy's death is similar to Handy's death in Concrete Solution.
  • This is one of the few times where Lumpy is the first character to die.
  • Handy is responsible from every death on this episode.
  • Nobody survives the episode.
  • This is from the same person who created All Work and No Belay and When You Fish Upon A Star.
  • When Flippy is calling the ambulance, he takes out a stuffed teddy bear.
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