Sit back and relax for the bad moments
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 11
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Stay A-Drive
Next Episode Mall-oween

Torn and Rip's Revenge is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series.


Torn and Rip are sleeping when Torn knows what happened to him so Torn gets a knife and runs away. Ale, Fungus, and Toothy are sitting and watching a movie. While they watch the movie, Torn kills Ale with a gun.

Flippy is then seen getting a snack, until Torn comes and stabs Flippy with a knife many times while Hippy sees this, shocked. Fungus, Giggles, Pia, and Toothy run away from Torn but they were too late.

Torn cut their eyes with a knife and eats their heads and Torn goes back to sleep. Rip knows what happened to him too so Rip goes home. Crafty is sitting on a chair. Before the episode ends, Rip appears and kills Crafty with a knife while she screams.


"Revenge is best to get on someone you hate!"


  • Everyone except Crafty and Hippy Get killed by Torn
  • Crafty is killed by Rip


  • This the first time Torn appears in Season 4.
  • This is the only time Torn kills the most charcters while Rip kills one only.
  • The only character to survive is Hippy.
  • This is one of the few times where the featuring roles die but the starring and the appearing charcters survive.
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