After playing on and falling off a swing set, Superspeed discovers a mysterious idol. Happy at his new discovery, Superspeed doesn't notice as the swing he was just on comes back and crushes his head, killing him. The idol flies out of Superpspeed's hands and into a nearby sandbox, where Elliott is playing. Fascinated, he rushes over to pick up the idol, but he suddenly begins sinking in quicksand until his body is completely submerged.

The idol now flies out of Elliott's hands and into the grasp of The Mole who is at the bottom of a slide. Confused about the idol, The Mole soon finds himself crushed by a giant boulder that mysteriously appeared at the top of the slide. The idol now flies into O'Clock's hands as he plays on a jungle gym. After catching the idol, O'Clock gets hit and killed by Pia, who is driving her car through the park.

The idol winds up in Pia's backseat, with Pia being none the wiser. As the screen goes black we hear the sound of tires screeching and a loud crash.

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